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Master the art of portion control and understand your hunger.

There are no strict guidelines for what constitutes a healthy breakfast, according to the report. Breakfast can be any meal that gives you nourishment and energy.There’s no particular hour for breakfast; breakfast meals can be eaten at any time of day. While eating healthfully throughout the day is vital, breakfast isn’t always the most important […]

Although cheese can be very appealing and crave-worthy, there isn’t any solid scientific proof that it is actually addictive. Casein, a protein

Heartburn, another name for acid reflux, is a frequent illness in which stomach acid escapes the stomach and re-enters the esophagus. Heartburn

Lower GI (Glycaemic Index)/GL (Glycaemic Load) is linked to better blood sugar management, weight control, and heart health. Cooking time, processing (refining

The author gives advice on how to grocery shop with food allergies. This includes knowing your allergens, reading labels carefully for hidden

The author says that while fresh fruit is best, dried fruit can be a good alternative, especially if you are struggling to

Our eyes strongly influence what and how much we eat. Attractive colors, packaging, and even food pictures can trick us into wanting

The author celebrates plants and highlights their importance on Plant Appreciation Day. They focus on 13 plants with healing properties. For each

The author describes a fun and easy way to eat a balanced diet called the rainbow plate. Each color on the plate

Glyphosate, a weed killer used in agriculture has potential health effects. Glyphosate residues found in food, raise concerns that these residues may