Let’s get medical!

Weight gain is a complex process and similarly, losing weight is not just about calories in vs calories out. There are numerous medical and psychological issues that can cause weight problems. Our mission is to use the latest developments and research in the field to bring you a weight loss solution that actually works! 

Gut-brain connection

There is a continuous interplay of hormones between the gut and the brain. Did you know that the intestine and fat adipose tissue are the major players in hormone regulation?

Fat is an important endocrine organ and fat tissues produce hormones which affect satiety (hunger). The intestine is an organ that can be affected by our minds and emotions (it’s not just a tube!). In addition to digestion and absorption, the intestine produces hormones.


Thermoregulation is the process by which the body regulates its internal temperature. When this system is disturbed, the body doesn’t know when to store or use fat.

Body clocks

Unlike what is commonly believed, it’s not just about how much we eat overall! Research shows that people who eat less at the wrong times can also gain weight due to hormone changes e.g. shift workers

Cortisol (and other stress hormones)

More commonly known as the “stress hormone”, cortisol  is one of the hormones that is involved in blood sugar regulation. Increased cortisol levels causes blood sugar levels to rise to provide the body with energy for the “fight or flight” response. Constantly elevated cortisol levels can lead to water retention, craving for fatty foods and weight gain.

There are many, many other medical issues relating to weight but we won’t be able to mention them all here. By now you may have realised how complicated it can be! 

“Mind Over Matter”

Diet and exercise are talked about a lot in the media. Many people are already aware of what constitutes a healthy diet. What we don’t hear about as much is the importance of the mind in successful weight management.

There have been numerous studies looking at how the brain affects our eating and sleeping patterns. Researchers have seen a variety of findings which gives us food for thought (no pun intended):

  • Genetic factors affect our weight and how predisposed we are to overeating
  • We aren’t always “in control” of what we eat. Stress, anxiety, depression and other negative triggers may influence our choices
  • Food addiction can be as severe as any other type of addiction and must be treated as such
  • When the conscious and subconscious mind are misaligned, you will struggle to achieve your goal weight. For example, if you’re trying to eat healthy but you have negative thoughts about yourself/your goals


Why is simhappy so important?

Our experts believe that diet or even exercise isn’t the key to sustainable weight loss. This is why we introduced simhappy – your own lifestyle and happiness coach. simhappy is dedicated to resetting your thought patterns, helping you make lifestyle and behavioural changes in order to achieve your goals. Using a combination of meditation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychological research and our own magic (!), we have helped many people break barriers:

  • Overcome emotional eating and cravings (dependency on food)
  • Let go of guilt from their past
  • Facing their worst fears
  • Boosting self-esteem and developing a healthy body image
  • Improved personal relationships resulting from inner change

and many, many more!