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Happiness first, weight loss next. That’s our way.

It’s the season to be jolly…oh is it too soon? The end of Nov or start of advent is the time people typically put their trees and decorations up. However, what about those keen people who put their trees up in October or even in September. Is it inappropriately early or could there be some […]

To err is human, to forgive divine Alexander Pope Imagine you’re watching an enthralling thriller movie. As the story progresses, you and

The pursuit of true and lasting friendships can be very challenging. A large number of species have the tendency to form social

How it started… Let us start from the beginning of my journey. I joined Simplyweight in 2019 as a digital marketing apprentice.

Do you know what binge-watching is? Did you know that binge-watching is stopping you from losing weight? Do you know the dangers

Ever feel a strong craving for chocolate just when you’ve had a fight with your partner, have an exam coming up or