Are You Normal Weight & Obese?

The article addresses the issue of obesity, particularly Normal Weight Obesity (NWO), where individuals with a seemingly normal Body Mass Index (BMI) can have a higher body fat percentage, leading to various health risks. The story of Alex, a 25-year-old with a BMI of 22 kg/m², illustrates the potential health issues associated with NWO.

Key points highlighted in the article include:

  • BMI Limitations: While a BMI of 25 kg/m² is considered overweight and 30 kg/m² is considered obese, BMI has limitations, and individuals with normal BMI may still have high body fat, contributing to NWO.

  • NWO Definition: NWO is defined as excessive fat accumulation that may impair health, where individuals have a normal BMI but an increased body fat percentage (≤30 kg/m²). This condition can lead to various health risks, including type 2 diabetes, dyslipidaemia, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Alex’s Story: Alex’s case study illustrates that despite a normal BMI, he experienced recurring health issues such as fatigue, mood swings, and digestive problems due to poor dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle, and genetic predisposition.

  • Factors Contributing to NWO: Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, lack of exercise, and genetic predisposition are identified as factors contributing to NWO.

  • Health Risks: NWO poses health risks such as elevated blood pressure, high triglycerides, impaired glucose metabolism, mood swings, chronic fatigue, and digestive issues.

  • Dietary Choices for NWO: Dietary recommendations for NWO individuals include focusing on portion control, choosing complex carbohydrates, incorporating lean proteins and healthy fats, consuming high-fibre foods, staying hydrated, and combining a balanced diet with regular exercise.

The article concludes by emphasising the need for a comprehensive approach beyond BMI, recognising NWO as a health concern, and promoting lifestyle modifications for improved metabolic health and overall well-being.

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