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Weight During Pregnancy

Obesity is associated with reduced fertility. Weight loss can improve fertility. Being overweight or obese before pregnancy and gaining excess weight during pregnancy can result in increased risk to both mother and baby.

The increased risks for the mother include gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and complications during labour. Obese mothers are more likely not have a natural labour. They are more likely to have an induced and prolonged labour, and may have a cesarian delivery.

Obesity/overweight during pregnancy significantly increases the risk of stillbirth and congenital abnormalities in babies.

Having a near normal weight before pregnancy and gaining within the recommended levels during pregnancy are the best ways to minimise the risks to both mother and baby.

The new guidelines produced by Institute of Medicine reflect the changing trends in the prevalence of obesity and overweight amongst women. These guidelines have been adopted in countries other than Unites States of America.

These are the recommended weight gain for different categories of women according to their Body Mass Index (BMI).

Pre pregnancy BMI (Kg/m2)
Recommended weight gain during pregnancy
Less than 18.5 28 to 40 pounds
18.5 to 24.9 25 to 35 pounds
25 to 29.9 15 to 25 pounds
Greater than 30 11 to 20 pounds

Women can determine their BMI using our BMI calculator with the tools section of simplyweight website.

You should gain weight gradually during your pregnancy, with most of the weight gained in the last 3 months. It is recommended that you gain on an average 1-4lbs during the first trimester and 2-4lbs every month during the second and third trimester.

To learn how much weight you should probably gain, enter your height and weight here:

Height:    (feet)   (inches) 
Pre-pregnancy Weight: (weight before
you became pregnant)
  (stones)   (pounds)

It is important to stick to the guidelines in order to have a safe pregnancy, labour and a more importantly a healthy baby.

It is important to contact your midwife or doctor if your weight gain is inappropriate. Very little weight gain can again be harmful. simplyweight will help mothers reach their target weight during pregnancy. Mothers can achieve healthy weight gain by adopting simplyweight suggestions which is widely know and is in the public domain.

Eat a balanced meal. Strictly cut down on added sugar food and drinks. Completely avoid alcohol during the course of pregnancy. For a detailed plan please join simplyweight program for pregnant ladies.