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Physical Activity Level

The following table shows indicative numbers for the physical activity level for several lifestyles:

Extremely inactive Bed bound patient, elderly immobile <1.40
Sedentary Office worker with desk job, little or no exercise 1.40-1.69
Moderately active Construction worker or person running one hour daily 1.70-1.99
Vigorously active Dancing or swimming two hours a day 2.00-2.40
Extremely active Competitive cyclist >2.40

Human energy requirements: Energy Requirement of Adults". Report of a Joint FAO/WHO/UNU Expert Consultation. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,2004.

People always find their weight plateaus with any weight loss program. This is because their BMR changes with weight loss. Further activity or calorie intake is not appropriately altered based on their new BMR. simplyweight weight management tools provide an individualized approach and hence are more successful for weight loss and weight maintenance.

BMR changes with lean body mass. Muscle, more so skeletal muscle, accounts for lean body mass. Increase of skeletal muscle with strength training and resistance exercise can increase your BMR.