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What does BMI stand for?

Body Mass Index

What does BMI tell me?

It gives you an idea of the weight you should have for a particular height. It is only a guide to determine if you fall into a haelthy weight category.

What does BMI stand for?

It gives you an idea of the weight you should have for a particular height. It is a guide to determine if you are underweight, ideal weight, overweight or obese. BMI takes into consideration your height, weight and gender. It does not take into consideration your age, physical activity or fitness level. BMI is only a guide, but is currently the best measure used to determine if your are risk at of developing health problems. Another method to calculate your risk of being overweight is by measuring your waist measurement.

Risk increases with increase in waist circumference of over 40 inches (102cms) in men and over 34.5 inches(88cms) in women. These measurements may not be appropriate for every ethnic group. For Asian men health risk increases with a waist circumference of 35.5 inches (90cms) and for Asian women 31.5 inches(80cms).

How is BMI calculated?

BMI is calculated by taking your weight in  kilograms divided by your height in metres squared(Weight(kg)/Height(m2). simplyweight has provided both imperial system and metric system for calculation of  your BMI.