How is this different from other weight loss plans?

Unlike other weight loss plans out there, our 100-Day Online Plan is designed by medical specialists using evidence based methods. We help you achieve your weight loss goals by focusing on your metabolism, hunger pattern, emotional eating and portion control. You will receive a unique portion allocation based on your personal details as opposed to a generic diet plan. Not only that, you will have continuous online support via our forum (soon to be launched!), e-mail and social media. The support we provide is to improve your confidence, self-esteem, body image and weight related medical conditions.

What is simhappy?

simhappy is your very own lifestyle coach, motivator or self-help guide. However you wish to describe it, the goal is the same…to help you achieve lasting happiness in life.

Our philosophy is that you don’t need to lose X stone/kg to be happy but rather you must accept and love yourself before you can achieve any of your goals (weight or otherwise!).

We help you do this through guided meditations, affirmations, inspiring imagery, goal & routine setting and much more!

What is simportion?

simportion is the food component of our plan. Instead of obsessing over calories we shift the focus towards portion control and balanced eating so that you can enjoy a flexible and healthy diet without having to give up the foods you love!

Our team have derived a formula to calculate your unique portions based on your personal details.

How does the payment plan work?*

In order to make the most of our features and succeed at achieving your goals, we require people who join The 100-Day Plan to stay committed the whole way. Also the plan includes direct and interactive sessions with our medical specialists including doctors, dietitians, psychologists and more. Therefore we take a single up front payment of £130 for the full plan.

After 100 days you will have the option to join as a “Member” for only £9.99/month to have continued access to all our features and support systems. This is also known as the “maintenance” phase of weight management and is vital for long-term success.

What is the Virtual Doctor and why do I need to apply?

Some people may feel that they need more intensive support than the 100-Day Online Plan can offer. They may not be able to access one of our clinics to join an offline package. As a solution we decided to introduce The Virtual Doctor.

 In addition to all the benefits of the online plan, you will get 1-2-1 medical assessment and support from the comfort of your own home. The price of the Virtual Doctor Plan reflects the level of dedication required by our team and as a result, we can only accept selected clients via application.