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simplyweight's 100-Day Weight Loss Plan is designed by a team of medical specialists including doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, simhappy experts and more!

Like most people you might have already tried various diets, weight loss plans and treatments. We bet some of them were pretty expensive, right?  People join weight loss plans based on information obtained from either advertisements, friends or relatives. They usually find out that they either lose very minimal weight or lose a lot of weight and regain it all. This is a story that we are sadly far too familiar with!

Our experts believe that weight gain or becoming overweight is a often a symptom of a deeper problem. The list of potential causes is too long to mention but here are a few well researched ones: altered hunger patterns, stress, abnormal metabolism, poor sleep hygiene, hormonal problems, genetics, medications emotional eating, lack of self-esteem, poor body image and many others. Surely by now we could have found a “miracle” diet, workout or drug that solves all our problems?

The truth is…there isn’t one and there cannot be! When there are hundreds of causes for weight gain, how can there be only one blanket solution? Obesity is a very complex and fast-developing field that we have much more to learn about. simplyweight specialists have created this 100-Day Online Plan to help you lose weight but also understand and address the underlying cause of weight gain.  Our structured plan contains evidence-based advice and innovative techniques to help you feel empowered to manage your weight independently.

However, weight is just a number on a scale. What matters to us more is improving your quality of life, peace of mind and happiness. We place the strongest emphasis on well-being and happiness, making our plan both holistic & medical at the same time.



The 100-Day Online Plan is designed around the 3 key pillars of weight management: diet, activity and the mind. In these 100 days our experts guide you through daily videos, articles and various interactive tasks. We also offer an extensive online support structure via forum, e-mail, social media and specialist webinars. Our aim is to help you achieve your weight and non-weight related goals whilst improving your quality of life and happiness. Even better, you don’t have to travel anywhere to be part of our community!

5 ways the 100-Day Plan will change your life:
  • Break the cycle of “Yo-yo” dieting
  • Improve weight-related medical conditions
  • Boost your self-esteem, confidence & body image
  • Overcome emotional eating & cravings
  • Gain the mindset for long-term weight maintenance

How it Works

Once you have joined the simplyweight 100-Day Online Plan, you will be provided with an online platform where you will get access to valuable resources to help you lose and maintain weight for life. These include structured educational videos, interactive tasks, goal setting, activity tracker, portion diary, guided meditations and much more!

Backed extensively by medical science, all our services are centered around the 3 key pillars of weight management which are the mind, diet and activity. We refer to these as:

  • simhappy
  • simportion
  • simaktiv


We believe that happiness is the journey, not the destination. Do you want to lose weight to become happy with yourself? Why not be happy right nowOur simhappy section will help you transform your life through guided meditations, affirmations, inspiring imagery, goal & routine setting and much more!

The science behind it: Our various methods help in neurohormonal modulation and as a result, we have found that sleep hygiene, hunger pattern, stress levels, craving can all be improved.


Don’t like counting calories? Don’t worry, we don’t either! simportion teaches the art of portion control . We call it an art because a healthy diet should be flexible and enjoyable.  Our experts have derived a formula to calculate ideal portions based on your personal details. By self-managing your portions and understanding nutrition, you can enjoy your favourite foods with zero guilt.

The science behind it: Our experts have created a formula to calculate the ideal portion allocation based on your personal details. Our techniques help you to reset your body’s hunger patterns.


Activity goes far beyond gym doors...

Regular physical activity is important but who said you have to buy expensive equipment or gym memberships? simaktiv’s goal is to add physical activity into your lifestyle in a fun and convenient way. Our own workouts range from dance and pilates to HIIT cardio. We even have low impact workouts and chair-based exercises for those with mobility issues.


The science behind it: When you lose weight you lost more than just fat. It is important to increase lean body mass, which is metabolically more active, in order to achieve long-lasting results.

happy group

What our clients have gained from completing The 100-Day Online Plan?

Firstly it is important to be aware that 100% of our clients come to us having already tried various other weight loss plans including attending weekly weight loss groups, replacing meals with shakes/bars, buying herbs and medications on the internet etc. Some have even tried hypnotism and undergoing bariatric (weight loss) surgery to find a solution that actually lasts. These is what most of them have said after trying simplyweight for a few weeks:

  • I don’t feel like I’m on a diet and can enjoy my favourite foods without guilt!
  • I have not only lost weight but feel confident that I’ll keep it off
  • I no longer attach my weight to my happiness
  • For the first time someone has helped me understand my body
  • I now realise how weight loss is much more than “eat less, move more!”
  • Medically Backed
Starter £0 Forever Medically Backed Simplyweight Online £130 /YEAR Clinical Plans £2500+ /Plan
Forever£0 /YEAR£130 /Plan£2500+
Personalised Weight Loss Profile and Tracker
Access to medical weight loss tools & downloads
Hundreds of Weight Loss Recipes
Regular Email Tips & Content
Invitation to selected specialist webinars
The 100-Day Online Medical Weight Loss Plan
Online Support + Plan Access for 1 Full Year
Unlimited access to weight loss resources including tools, downloads, recipes etc.
Personal dashboard for diet, activity and the mind
Personalised portion allocation
Activity monitoring
simhappy meditations & tools
Ongoing online support via closed forum and email
Invitation to all specialist webinars
Online Community & Support Group with Healthcare Professionals
Bespoke 12-Week Clinical Plan with your own Dedicated Specialist Team
Continuous support via private chat and email
1-2-1 Physician Consultations for monitoring medical issues
Regular body composition analysis
1-2-1 Simhappy sessions for emotional wellbeing
Regular dietetic feedback and progress review
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*I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from both you and Raj in changing my whole life. It is a huge change and scary as well as being wonderful. I worry that you and Raj are not disappointed in my progress hence saying I worry about seeing you. Thank you is very easy to say, but it is heartfelt.

Karen's Story London

*I was finding it hard to cope with my Diabetes and really needed to lose weight to improve my health. Also my body image and confidence were really low and I never used to socialise. Thanks to simplyweight I’ve managed to lose 3 stone in just 3 months and reduced my medication dosage too. Really pleased with the service!

Ravi's Story Chennai, India