Ever felt that your staff are becoming demotivated, tired or run-down? This can happen in any organisation from the smallest family owned business to the giants such as investment banks and law firms. When work demands and pressure exceeds our ability to deal with them, we tend to “break down”. Even the most ambitious, highly driven go-getters aren’t exceptions to this rule. This is not only a bad outcome for the individual but for the organisation as a whole! It is essential to help your employees become physically and mentally healthy in order to have a positive and productive workplace.

How obesity impacts well-being?

Being overweight or obese can have a serious impact on physical and mental health. Obesity can result in sleep apnoea, diabetes, depression, arthritis, cancer and several other medical conditions. Other issues such as poor sleep hygiene and disordered hunger may lead to loss of productivity and increased sick days. Sleep disorders and stress can lead to weight gain and weight-related medical conditions.

How we can help

simplyweight incorporates the latest research in the field of weight management to improve the well-being of staff, increase productivity and reduce sickness time. The way we approach weight management they will not only lose weight but lower their stress levels (stress hormones are linked to weight gain).

We can arrange FREE half day/lunch time seminars or talks for your staff and subsided specialist weight managment programmes for corporate staff. For more information please e-mail hello@simplyweight.co.uk with subject title “Corporates” and we will do our best to help.