Obesity is a chronic disease and is poorly managed within the NHS and in the private sector. Why? The reason for weight gain is multi-factorial. However all that is offered to people with weight problem are diets and activity and minimal CBT. There are several reasons for weight again including hormonal disturbance, abnormal hunger pattern, poor sleep hygiene, altered gut microbiome and several other factors. Targeting food and exercise alone is not going to result in sustainable weight loss.

In the internet age everyone is aware of healthy eating and exercise. However most still find it extremely difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Why is that? Most weight loss plans and fad diets offer a one-stop solution that is assumed to work for everybody. This is impossible considering that each person has a unique body type and physiology. It is essential to understand the real cause behind weight gain and address that, rather than the symptom.

So, how are we different?

We realise that people with a weight problem may have very different needs. Our holistic team have capabilities spanning the fields of nutrition, fitness, endocrinology, bariatric medicine, sleep and psychology. This diversity gives us a much deeper insight into the complexities of weight management.

Both our 100-Day Online Plan and Bespoke Clinical Plans are centered around the 3 key pillars of weight loss: diet, activity and the mind. You can find out more about our 100-Day Online Plan and join here.

At our clinics, our medical specialists take time to thoroughly evaluate the underlying medical and/or psychological cause of your weight gain or retention. A bespoke 3-month or 6-month plan will be designed for you based on your specific needs. Throughout this plan you will receive intensive support from the team via multiple touch points. Following this there is an optional maintenance plan where we ensure that your results are permanent.

We will also help you address any weight related medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Infertility etc. For full details of our clinical plans please contact us.

If you’re a member of our 100-Day Online Plan then you will have access to a wide range of tools designed to help with various weight related issues. You will also receive continuous online support via our forums.

Do we offer weight loss surgery?

We believe that weight loss surgery should be the last resort and when surgery is indicated, we will provide the best pre and post-operative, dedicated bariatric programme to ensure your long-term success.