What is #2billionpeople1voice ?

Simplyweight’s mission is to provide a platform for these 2 billion people to have a voice that’s heard by all. By sharing your story, you can influence and inspire countless people who may have similar issues that aren’t understood by others. It’s easy to tell someone to “eat less and move more”, but from first hand experience at our clinics we know that to successfully follow this mantra, one may first have to navigate their way out of a complex web of hormonal, medical, psychological, emotional and habitual problems. 

Simplyweight specialists have helped thousands of individuals manage their weight and related medical conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Infertility and many more. We have learnt that there simply isn’t any winning diet or system that works for everyone. We join in and share the experiences of our community so that we can all learn from them and open our hearts and minds to some of the unspoken hardships faced by people with overweight or obesity.